9 months ago, after listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks, I made a choice

9 months ago, after listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks, I made a choice to do ONLY what felt good. As you can imagine logic/ego tried to convince me to differently at almost every turn in the beginning, "You can't start a new company without any cash investment" "You can't only have scheduled work 15 hours a week, don't work that way" "You have to do to the way logic expects you to". I've been able to ignore that voice for enough time now. 
We know if you do something for 21 days or more it becomes part of our physiology and hence our experience. I started realizing when we follow the good feeling, everything fills in perfectly, we simply have to trust long enough to do it.

Well here we are. I keep saying the past year has been the best of my life starting with giving the first Art of Hugging talk at @KaluYala with the support of Jimmy Stice, well I'm now an excited investor and Global Ambassador for Kalu Yala. These past 2 weeks have now been the best, giving the Art of Hugging to the @Design_Hotels Arena summit in and seeing the vision that Claus and the group has for experiences, and the slow life. 
Just finished my first journey in and immediately felt at home between at La Granja to the nightclubs to circles that have gone on every week for the past 17 years. Thanks to you Sabrina, Bear, Kati, Maya, Becca, Sarah, Annette, Naima, Valeria, Jeff, Chris, Ryan, Bobby, Steve, Zach and the rest of the fam. I'll definitely be back for 2 months of living here next summer😎 Was amazing to connect with new crazy amazing characters Saci, Fredrika, Valentino, Patrizia, Claus, Lorena, Ryan, Rosina, keep being you, you are delicious:) I love and I will see you around the world soon️

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