Affirmation for the day: I am a beautiful Experiment I often asked myself, “Who am

Affirmation for the day:
I am a beautiful Experiment

I often asked myself, “Who am I?” The answer was often colored with other questions, “Who am I supposed to be?” ‘Who should I be so people will love me?” And I can finally love myself…. All the colors that I had allowed the collective to paint on me, while assuming an awkward smile of consent on top of discontent, didn’t fit so well anymore

It’s not bad or good, it’s just here covering up the me who was here before, maybe just when I was born

As a result I was bouncing in between feeling confused and anxious about how to be

While seeing the bright light inside of me

And hence seeing the bright light inside of you

So I wondered and wandered the world in search of my true shine for the past 3 years

And I quickly realized, and I’d love to be speaking right now for the “We” not just for mine:

We are each a beautiful Experiment.

By definition: a scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact

The knowing is within us

We are source energy finding our alignment in each moment (Please feel welcome to shift who you are)

We are a hypothesis tested with trials of courageous self expression

And we live to enjoy the discovery

Taste your deliciousness bite by bite
And allow others to as well 
So don’t worry about finding the the real You. 
Enjoy being in the discovery
Enjoy being an experiment
And each day, whomever you will be, will feel just the right amount of free

What’s experiment in self you’ve been wanting to do?

I celebrate you. YooBeYoo. Sending you all the love.

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