Affirmation for the Day: “I’m sexy, inspired and in flow. When I move and love

Affirmation for the Day: “I’m sexy, inspired and in flow. When I move and love my body, my business thrives exponentially." I'm 35 years young (It’s fun to count)
My spirit feels the most aligned and connected to my 6 year old self then it ever has 
My body feels 25 years young
Each day I wake up and stand in front of the mirror naked and admire the miracle I see before me (And I encourage you to do the same)

I’m not the strongest in the world physically 
I'm not the most chiseled in the world physically 
I'm happy though, and creating what I want to do next from THIS HAPPY place VS creating from a “not being enough place” or “not yet being where I want”

9 months ago I wasn’t working out or doing much of any physical exercise except maybe typing on my laptop, bringing my food from the table to my mouth and some sexytime here and there. 
I didn’t have time to dedicate to my physical health, because there was "too much to do”, I was too old, too this and too that. 
Today I’ve created that it is one of my favorite and top priorities for life success.

I am shamelessly posting a shirtless selfie haha. I’m not sucking in in this picture simply standing up straight. 
Why is it this way? Because I believe it to be so. 
That simple. I don't worry about the how being physical impacts my life exponentially, I enjoy the discovery of the how. It has shown up in ways that surprise and delight me. 
With those beliefs I shifted my actions:

1. I made moving my body priority each day which looked like putting it into my calendar to surf at dawn, do HIIT trainings, alternate between yoga class and crossfit class every other day

2. I started with a 7 day fast of only 3 coconut waters per day. This both allowed me to reset my eating patterns and drop 8 pounds. 
3. I now choose to eat in a new way that are more conscious, slower, smaller meal portions, I eat during an 8 hour period in the day from 12-8 pm and with intention. I realized I was eating from a scarcity mentality like I was going to run out of food. This was left over from my grandparents experience in the holocaust.

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