Affirmation for the Day: “I’m sexy, inspired and in flow. When I move and love

Affirmation for the Day: “I’m sexy, inspired and in flow. When I move and love my body, my business thrives exponentially.” 2 months ago I wasn’t working out or doing much of any physical exercise except maybe typing on my laptop, bringing my food from the table to my mouth and some sexytime here and there. Today I am shamelessly posting a shirtless selfie haha. I’m not sucking in in this picture simply standing up straight. 
2 months ago I believed that I didn’t have time to dedicate to my physical health, today I’ve created that it is the top priority for my success. Why is it this way? Because I believe it its. That simple. I didn’t worry about the how, I enjoy the discovery of the how. With those beliefs I shifted my actions:

1. I made moving my body priority each day which looked like putting it into my calendar to surf at dawn, alternate between yoga class and crossfit class every other day
2. I did a 7 day fast of only 3 coconut waters per day. This both allowed me to reset my eating patterns and drop 8 pounds. 
3. I now choose to eat in a new way that’s more conscious, slower, smaller meal portions, and with intention. I’ve asked people who know food and nutrition for help in structuring.

Now that I’ve created these new beliefs and actions here is what I’m seeing:

1. Amazing ideas and insights come to me when I’m moving my body (surfing, running, walking, crossfit, yoga, biking)
2. I meet interesting people who I can work with
3. While I’m moving I listen to audiobooks and podcasts to enrich myself and to share insights with my clients
4. I get into a flow state, feel great about myself and my body so I take these good vibes with me throughout the day and it’s contagious
5. I feel proud and celebrate myself, giving me the ability to provide that for others

Does this resonate with you? I’m starting a group program called Lifestyle Perfected: Love Your Journey, where we will transform 5 areas of life Wealth // Physical Health/ Mental and Spiritual Health // Relationships // Purpose. If this interests you then comment “Crush it” and I’ll send you the info. Much love ️

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