As I sit here in Israel completely full from Passover dinner, I’m also fulfilled to

As I sit here in Israel completely full from Passover dinner, I’m also fulfilled to the brim with love...a big smile across my face of satisfaction and content in my tiredness. 
This post from @emiliasannae about her current experience in the Lifestyle Perfected Love My Journey Mastermind means everything to me. 
I’m thinking, the Universe has this way of flowing past our deepest fears and delivering for us…reminding us who we are and WHY we are doing. 
Today the Universe came in the form of the lovely Emilia, a gift to the world in so many ways. Get to know her, she’s an incredible nutritionist, ask her about her services, totally changed my life. 
Today I felt sluggish and a bit low energy. I have a lot I wanted to accomplish, however it wasn’t flowing, and I was moving through my tasks a bit slower than I was wanting…. Then I saw her words and it reminded me who I am and WHY I’m doing. 
My purpose is to reflect to people who they are and support them in doing what they want, when they want, where they want. 
We are ALL unicorns. We are all miracles. We are all here to have fun and live our purposes. 
Why I’m here is to continue to hone my mastery in seeing this miracle in each of us and reflecting it back in a way that shows us with so much certainty that we move powerfully in the direction of our purpose. 
Emilia since I’ve met you in Costa you’ve inspired me with how you elevate and learn moment by moment. I’m so grateful to be able to have this type of impact on you, fulfills me at the deepest level. Excited to see how you keep expanding your impact on people’s health. I love you too:) Thank you for fulfilling on your purpose. 
If you are reading this and interested in support in aligning with your purpose, just comment “Yes!” and I will contact you. 
Sending you all the love and good vibes:)

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