Could you believe I used to wake up upset? Ungrateful for what I had Resenting

Could you believe I used to wake up upset?
Ungrateful for what I had
Resenting and envious of those who had what I didn’t
All wrapped in disbelief that I deserved or could get what I really wanted…
It didn’t feel good…

And my life was actually quite good…yet I wasn’t grateful so I wasn’t able to receive it

I was like a grown ass brat to put it lightly.

Until one day I chose to shift.
To wake up feeling good, novel idea right?
You might say how do you just choose? 
Doesn’t it depend on the circumstances? 
Doesn’t it depend on what emails or messages are coming in? 
Doesn’t it depend on whether it’s Monday, Friday or the weekend?
Doesn’t it depend if  have a lover or not?
Doesn’t it depend on how much I’m getting paid to do what I do?

So that’s a little false premise we have in the world…
My circumstances determine my feelings…
I feel good and watch what happens
When I choose to feel good the world conspires to please me

Here are the different things I did to feel good each morning: 
1. Focus on feeling good: Feeling good is how you know your are connected to source
2. Send out good vibe messages on your phone: Use that time on social media to love and support people
3. Gratitude: for my pillow, sheets, people in my life, breathing, and whatever else I can be grateful for
4. Drink a glass of water: Get’s hydration and digestion going
5. Stretch while listening to Abraham meditation or favorite song: Makes you feel so good all day
6. Dance my ass off to my favorite songs: Get the energy flowing
7. Daily Adventure: Generate your feelings, experience and vision daily
8. Morning Pages/Journaling: Great for getting your vision down
9. I LOVE You in the Mirror: Look in the mirror and say, ‘I love you” repeatedly until you feel it
10. Moving for Loving Life: Move that body and stay sexy baby 
Try these and let me know how it goes. 
If you have others post them in the comments.
Please tag someone who could benefit from waking up on the right side of the bed once in a while 
Sending you all the ️

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