Food is information we put in our body Our inner world creates our outer world

Food is information we put in our body
Our inner world creates our outer world
Disclaimer: This is just my personal choice and preference, you do you 
5 years ago I was asked to judge a high school speech competition 
There was a girl named Roxanne who gave a speech called "Bacon I love you"
She shared how she ate so much meat that her family called her Tyrannosaurus Rox!! Haha
I'm sitting there thinking, "This girl is a legend!!" 
And I'm starting to think about my meat eating habits, and think I'm a god damn legend too, people used to tell me "I'm just killing time between tacos"  cause I loved carne asada and al pastor so much they were like my family

And what's interesting and serendipitous is that before I was asked to judge these speeches I had started to think about trying a vegetarian diet. Perfect Law of Attraction.

So I'm interested in what's she's saying, and she goes on to talk about the impact we have with what we eat:
On our bodies
On the animal
On the environment (18% of GH gas emissions)

She goes on with facts and figures, however what I loved the most about what she said was closing with:
"I'm not telling you not to eat meat, I simply want you to know the impact you have when you do"

I loved that accepting conscious vibe vs telling us we should do something 
And so at that moment I went to lunch and had a turkey sandwich. And then I started creating this mind game in my head:
"When I eat meat I'm like a mob boss putting a hit on someone without getting blood on my hands"
I shared on the Facebook that I would go vegetarian for 30 days and could use support
That 30 days has turned into 6 years now with the past 2 years being vegan

I love it, it's aligned for me and my life

And I simply encourage you to be informed and do what's most aligned for you...there's many options including eating however you are eating now, organic meat, reducing red meat intake, plant based meats and now stem cell grown meats.

If you want more info or  and making shifts just message me

Sending you all the delicious love ️

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