I have a Vision, that many of you share, that we are progressing to a

I have a Vision, that many of you share, that we are progressing to a world where technology continues to handle everything we don't want to do. A world where the abundance that is innate in the universe continues to be unleashed.

So we can do what we want, when we want and where we want.

I've always wanted to write a book and have had limiting beliefs that:
I'm too ADD to complete it
That it won't flow smoothly
That no one will read it
That what I had to share was not original or of value 
Who the fuck am I anyways?

Well I'm smiling because I just finished the fourth chapter of this book about How to feel good and love your journey on the way to your destination. (I don't have a title yet) 
It's delicious content that has already shifted the lives of the people who I have shared it with for feedback.

That's what fulfills me, making a difference in people's lives

I sat down for the writing session today and you know what? These same limiting fear based beliefs popped up...and you know what I replaced them with?

These gems:
I feel good and watch what happens
I'm here to have fun and see what unfolds
I've gone deep within myself to allow source to flow through me into these pages
Love for myself and others is my fuel 
I will connect with people who are alignment with these words 
I'm loving this journey 
I'm excited to share all the challenges I've faced so others can live more smoothly 
I'm grateful to be standing on the shoulders of giants and sharing what I see in the horizon 
I'm excited to share with you what's flowing with the intention that it makes a real difference for you. We can have all we desire, even if that voice is loud, know that's all it is, a little guy with a loud voice. Keep doing what you doing.

I believe in you. Much love ️

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