I learned a lot about love last week Firstly I met @mrbryanchristie this past April

I learned a lot about love last week

Firstly I met @mrbryanchristie this past April at Afrikaburn Burn and the bromance moved swiftly. We continued to connect on the nomad circuit in New York, Ibiza and then Burning Man.

Every time I met Bryan he was full of life and love. And he would always tell me about the love of his life @hollyalexanderritchie. As I got to know and love him, I realized I really wanted wanted to be at his wedding and I visualized about what it would be like to join. 
So of course, shortly thereafter in Ibiza without me mentioning it to him he told me "Nadav I love you like a brother and I want you to come to my wedding." I said Bryan I love you too and your wish is my command, I would be happy to”

In this Mykonos wedding I got to see what the love between these two was all about. 
Here is what I learned:

1. True love grows with time: Bryan and Holly have been together for 8 years and I learned how much they continue to expand their experience of love for each other 
2. True love is inclusive and exclusive: Bryan and Holly have lots of love for the people around them and they include them in their love for each other. However their love for each other is unique and unlike any other love they have in their lives. It’s beautiful and exclusive.
3. True love is something you know at first site: When they met they knew, and that was that 
4. Love each person’s differences: I see how Holly and Bryan celebrate and laugh about each other’s differences. They point them out and adore them. 
5. Love is Transitive: When you connect people that you love, we end up loving each other and it become exponentially contagious

I feel grateful to be witness to this magic of Bolly’s wedding and am inspired by your relationship and each of your separately. Here’s to your and our lifetime of love. Thanks for showing us all how it can be. Sending you all the love ️

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