I was scared to go…and that’s why I went. I had come to Peru a

I was scared to go...and that’s why I went. 
I had come to Peru a 1.5 years ago for expansion through plant medicine it was intense however elevated me to new levels of freedom and abundance. 
It’s what catapulted me into launching Lifestyle Perfected whose mission is: Every person fulfill on their passions

The 5 ceremonies were full cycles of discomfort, purging fear thoughts and then bliss. I learned to welcome it.

During ceremony I kept asking Ayahuasca if I was fulfilling on my intentions and she said back to me gently: “Yes my love”

Here are my intentions going in and what I’m taking away to implement:
I am an explorer, I enjoy the discovery of life

I am on the right track to shifting billions of people into alignment, keep doing what I’m doing and create partnerships with amazing people. I make millions in profit being me, one of the biggest impactors in the world, by impacting shifting the impacting the biggest impactors in the world 
I harness my intuition to fully manifest my intentions

I spend time daily being aware of my body and send love to parts of it to make me feel better(not just my penis;). I ask myself daily what does my body want. 
Daily activations with stretching, shaking like an animal and focused breathing (I wasn’t make as much time as I wanted each morning)

I give as much love to my body as I want to give to others 
Feeling more and more love for all of you and ask myself: How can I be a better friend? (I’m loving however I want to uplevel my love and service)

Feeling reverence and providing support for those who are in service (I already impact impactors and want to uplevel in this area)

I consciously allow myself to feel bliss daily and create bliss for others (I saw I was blocked here, not allowing in the bliss as much as I could)

Knowing I continue to life balance my way into everything I want 
I thrive being within myself, spending more time visualizing what I want my life and the world to look like.
If you want to join a journey like this DM me:) Thank you @reganhillyer and @juanpa_global for facilitating.

Much love ️

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