It’s Monday…today is unlike other Monday’s I’ve had in the past 13 years, I’m super

It's is unlike other Monday's I've had in the past 13 years, I'm super grateful for all those past Mondays. Today though I woke up naturally at 11 am, did my Daily Adventure (ritual), messaged with a few of my lovely Lifestyle Perfected champ clients about their week and what they are creating, went to eat some food here in Madrid and now it's 16:00 here and I'm going to power through 5 hours of focus time that's going to make me and my biz partner $50,000-$70,000 in passive income next year through impact investing, increase my number of quality speaking engagements and co-create with my clients. Tomorrow morning I'll do some in the and then spend 12 hours of focus time til I go get a drink with my new neighbors here at night. Thursday I head to Mexico City and then Afest to chill and speak. Why am I sharing this with you? i'm following my heart, I'm doing what I and it took me years of tuning and reacting to my understanding of what I want and having the courage to go for it even when my logical mind said "You can't do that and here's why...fill in the blank with perfectly logical reason." So what do you want to do that you just need the courage to take that first or 1,000th step? Think about who it would in addition to making your life even more amazing. Feel free to comment here I'm interested to know and support. I'm thinking of hosting a weekly discussion on this called Lifestyle Perfected Moments which would cover these areas: Wealth|Purpose|Spirituality and Mental Health|Physical Health|Relationships would that be interesting to you? I you can have the exact life you want. Much love ️

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