Just completing a 16 hour day of “work” that started at 6 am and putting

Just completing a 16 hour day of “work” that started at 6 am and putting the finishing touches at 10 pm. (Did a yoga class in between;) I’m feeling fulfilled because I’m bringing together and co-creating with some of the smartest CEO’s and social media influencers on the planet dedicated to shifting what needs to be shifted in the areas of abundance, climate stabilization, exponential technologies and alignment. 
I’m grateful that everyone I was on video calls with today allowed me to be shirtless and sweaty, because I’m in the jungle. We all know that we should empower and support each other in living the way we want to live. 
I can hear the sound of the caribbean waves breaking. It’s funny because I just rented a new airbnb house on the beach and it has a hammock in my office and a yoga shala in the yard where there are yoga classes each day. Manifesting with precision. 
Passion isn’t something we have it’s who we are. When are truly living in our passion and we love what we do, it’s the pleasure of being in flow and knowing that the fear that may be present is simply an indicator of going in the right direction, and all is well, there is nothing to fear, only creating from love. 
This quote is one of my favorite and one I’m proud to say I am embodying: “A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between her/his work and his play; her/his labor and his leisure; her/his mind and his body; her/his education and her/his recreation. She/He hardly knows which is which. She/He simply pursues her/his vision of excellence through whatever she/he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether she/he is working or playing. To her/himself, she/he always appears to be doing both.” -Lawrence Pearsall Jacks

Sending you all the love from here in Costa Rica.

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