My intention for Burning Man this year was to: Feel fully free and joyful As

My intention for Burning Man this year was to: 
Feel fully free and joyful

As a kid I felt this and then was told I needed to tone it down and couldn't have fun all the time. Oh really?:) My whole life I've always had these moments where I've wanted to feel freer and more joyful but didn't quite allow myself to... I've wanted to feel fully but haven't 
I've wanted to tell that person I'd like to spend more time with them but haven't

I've wanted to give that impromptu talk from my heart but didn't 
I've wanted to dance that free flowing dance but wasn't connected to my body or thought someone was watching with judgement 
This may sound silly however it's real for me 
Each Burning Man I come in with wants and desires to connect deeply to people, have these childlike adventures deep playa where we lay under the stars and imagine the sentient beings looking back at us from other galaxies 
Feel true joy and love where we can't stop laughing and strolling with our arms around each other just for the reason that we are alive 
The reason I come to Burning Man and 10's of other personal development courses is because I always expand and elevate into the next level of vibration 
This one was the best one yet for me. 3rd Burning Man and 3rd Burn event this year after Afrika Burn and Midburn

Life is about feeling fully free and joyful

I encourage you to smile the biggest smile you can

Laugh the loudest, deepest and most heartfelt laugh you can 
Because we deserve it

Because we are alive 
I lovesss you ️

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