Notice how when something flows seamlessly we say, “Oh my garsh Martha it was so

Notice how when something flows seamlessly we say, “Oh my garsh Martha it was so weeerrd….(fill in the blank): Just as I was thinking about her and she called!
Just as I was thinking about how we used to chase the ice cream truck down the street and old friend showed up double fisting with ice cream
I was driving late for an important meeting and I kept hitting green lights and made it on time

Now why is this weird? Because we hold limiting and false beliefs that things need to be hard/painful/complicated and we need to suffer to earn them….Or some variation of this…

Yet we can choose to flow, and when we choose to flow long enough, our vibration takes over our reality that we initially created with the limiting beliefs. 
What if we actually say that when doesn’t flow, “It weird”

The key is to notice the seemingly small manifestations and build on them.

Let me share some  simple examples of how to build momentum and allow. I headed to Afrika Burn April 24th, now for anyone who’s Burned before you know we say, “The Playa provides” so in this environment where we are free to be we expect it to provide, yet in the real world we expect to suffer and not deserve.

Here’s what happened as my evidence I’m in flow:

I flew from Tel Aviv to Cape Town with a stop in London and my flight as delayed. 
By the time I was running to the check-in counter I only had 30 minutes before the flight was meant to leave. I knew it wasn’t enough time to check into an international flight, however I kept my mindset that I was good to go. I strolled up to the then abandoned British Airways counters  at 10 pm and there was one lone guy. I smile and say to him, “I still have time to check into the Cape Town fight yes my man?” He smiles back and says, “Yes it’s delayed a bit so you are great”
I expected and got the best

I am the last one on the skyway. I look at the 3 gents in front of me and say, “Afrika Burn?!” They turn and say yes. Next thing I know I’m chatting with all of them and one of them is Cody Hoffman who just “happens” to be roommates and biz partners with our dear friend Leon. See the rest of the story on my Facebook: Nadav Wilf

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