Watching the sunrise in Brazil this came to me️ Do you appreciate the simple things?

Watching the sunrise in Brazil this came to me️ Do you appreciate the simple things? I didn’t…I was giving all the wrong fucks

And what’s worse...I wasn’t present for you…

I would gloss over you in pursuit of the next shiny object, I didn’t even know what I was searching for, except I couldn’t stay here...although I truly, truly desired to be living in the moment, even if it was just for a moment…

And when I got “there” it wasn’t it…. If we were at dinner together, you would be talking and all of a sudden my phone would bing, bing, bing….my eyes would pop open and I would pick it up to see what shininess was there, to make up for the shininess I didn’t find in myself or see in you... And most of the time I treated you like I felt...unworthy, lost and half empty

But I wouldn’t dare tell you that, because then you would know “the real me” or was it “the fake me?” I wasn’t sure anymore and that’s what scared me the most…. I also wanted the new car, the penthouse, the clothes, the bottles, the finer and finer and finer thangs. And once I got them, they weren’t it either….. I realize that this human race has turned into a rat offense to the rats

You’d say I am a real asshole
Except you saw the real me
The big kind heart, the one that appreciates every moment to it’s fullest
The one that appreciates and sees you as the highest version of yourself…. So now piece by piece what isn’t me is falling off….and the source energy and light of the real me is shining, reflecting off the real you. 
Now I can love that part of myself, I’m learning to love every part of myself.

And now I love and appreciate the simple things 
Sunrises and sunsets 
Being rather than doing
Tasting each delicious bite from the buffet of life 
The richness of each moment 
Hearing how your day was 
Your smile
What makes your eyes light up and twinkle twinkle
The way you feel and the way I feel
The names of your family members
What I see when I look in the mirror

I promise you now I’m only giving the right fucks

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