We are the masters of our destiny. Our thoughts dictate it. I know I look

We are the masters of our destiny. Our thoughts dictate it. I know I look like a serial killer here just bear with me, the people at the obit place told me not to smile. I had to renew my Israeli passport (I have dual with U.S.passport) so flew from the beach to San Jose, Costa Rica to go the Israeli embassy so I could go into Brasil next week without a visa (U.S. citizens need one, Israelis don't) so ha!! Anyhow it normally takes 3 days to get your passport and I'm flying Sunday which means I'd either need to come back from the beach house 3 days early to get it Friday (missing 3 days of surfing, not very merry) or have one of my nice friends in San Jose get it for me. Anyhow I get into the consulate office and start chatting with the Israeli gentleman named Rotem who's processing for me. I notice he has a dope jacket on so I compliment him on it. I'm fascinated by people so I ask him this is all in Hebrew, "Why did you choose San Jose?" He tells me he wanted to advance his career so he moved here with his boyfriend. I ask him, "How do you like it my brother?" He tells me he's having a challenge meeting cool people cause in Tel Aviv you have all the hipness, artists, bars and music. I smile at him and say, "I have just the people for you give me your phone I'll add my number and set you up." I send myself a whatsapp from his phone, smile and give it back. I ask him, "How long for the passport cause I'm headed back to the beach today at 3:00 pm and would love to have a new one by then. He says it's 3 days, we've never done a 2 hour a turn around. I smile and say, "Until today?:)" he says I'll see what I can do. I say thank you and walk away connecting him with my friend Charlie in San Jose with no expectations. 1.5 hours later I get a message with the serial killer picture and here I go with new passport, Brasil visa and not a care in the world back to beach. I always remember the power of contribution and kindness. Good love and good day to you all ️

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