What does home mean to you? I’ve been exploring the meaning of home the past

What does home mean to you?

I've been exploring the meaning of home the past 3 years as I've been living around the world. As it's shifted from physical to ontological, the moment has become my home, who I'm with has become my home and the way I feel has become my home. 
I've met a new family who invited me for Shabbat dinner last Friday. This is a family of 70 young people ages 14-21 who live and thrive together. They are youth who have been abandoned by their parents or left their homes because of abuse. The home is called Beit HaShanti (Shanti house). All races, religions and backgrounds are welcome. 
I was touched moved and inspired by what I witnessed. Before dinner each person shared what was good that happened to them last week and what they looked forward to next week. 
Shares ranged from a new resident sharing that what was good for her was getting off the street, finding a secure place she could rebuild her life from to another spending time with their mother who they hadn't seen in 10 years. 
I learned a deepened expression of gratitude to see brightness and love, where challenges may be. 
I wanted to share these photos in hopes they touch something in you. I'm usually great with words and I don't have many that I feel can accurately convey what I felt that night. Simply put I felt the love and being at home here. Next week I'll go live 5 days at Shanti House. 
Grateful to Mariuma, Shanti and Michael for hosting me and Eldad for introducing me to this beautiful place. Looking forward to taking it all in, learning from everyone, having a lot of fun with the residents and seeing where my place of contribution is. 
If you'd like to learn more, get involved or make a donation please check it Shanti.org.il/en. Much love ️

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