When I’m aligned in my purpose life unfolds beautifully We all want to feel good

When I'm aligned in my purpose life unfolds beautifully 
We all want to feel good and continue to elevate to our dreams, no matter if we are a multi-millionaire/billionaire or someone just starting out discovering our purpose. 
Just 1 year ago I decided I wanted to support people in feeling the way they wanted to feel, achieving what they wanted to achieve and living in their purpose of impacting other positively....and make ALOT of money doing so. 
This vision became Lifestyle Perfected.

I knew in my heart, as my mentor Peter Diamandis would say, this is my Massive Transformative Purpose.

I decided to do what scared me the most, which was approach the people who I admired the most, high net worth founders of impact companies focused on improving billions of people’s lives.

I had my beliefs in myself and I also had my doubts. 
I doubted my ability to make a difference for people who I admired, who already had more money and success than I did
I felt intimidated at times
I felt uncertain
I trusted though
I kept moving forward with a smile
I asked mentors for their advice and help
I would sometimes start the Lifestyling Session by sharing with my client that I felt, "70% masterful and 30% doubtful I could do anything for them"...and to my delight it made us more connected and effective
I chose to bypass being my default of courageous and instead be vulnerable and enjoy the discovery of what unfolded from that vulnerable place 
At the end I would ask them, "How was the session for you?" To my delight they would say something like, "Transformative and freeing, thank you brother" 
Within 1 month I had made $10,000 
In my 3rd month I made $19,000 and it's been consistently in that range since then

So I say go in the direction of your purpose
Whether you've already "made it" or are just starting out...your Purpose is beating in your heart

If you feel inspired to have myself and 17 other people's support in making money by living your purpose, then consider the Lifestyle Perfected Mastermind 
It begins this Wednesday at 8 am PT.

I promise magic

Just comment or DM me "Purpose" and let's have a lot of fun

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